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Mantras and Music for spring

Spring Mantras and Music
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Today’s Junior Scientist Power Hour is all about ladies and their weird periods! What are periods? We don’t really know. But you can always tell when a woman is on her period because she has opinions that men don’t like, and sometimes they get mad!

It’s not like women get mad any other times, or that even if a woman is on her period, you should still listen to the words she says and not write them off as “crazy uterus talk”

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My newest post about Austria!!!

Warm Apfel Strudel and Schnitzel without Noodles; Vienna Food Post


Hello all, while this isn’t my usual post, I would like to support my best friends endeavors. She has just started a wonderful blog with recipes, photography, and updates on her life as an activist, speaker, and youth leadership counselor. One of the most driven people I know, I am forever grateful she has become a part of my life, and I would love if anyone could check it out. Much thanks!

Without further ado, Melbow Room:


A shoutout right back at Michael Tats, and his amazing art and theatre boxes!!!!! Thank you so much for your kind words!! I love and miss you!!!!!! CHECK HIM OUT!!!

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What if Frozen was an anime series?

What would its OP sequence look like? :D

also this

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Enjoy this new track off of “Pronounced Ease”, free for listen and download, just in time for my show next weekend with Pleb Mahogany at The Garage in Kennet Square!


New track!
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I’m a published fellow now!

Top 5 SEGA Series That We’d Like to See Return
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